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The IRS and State taxing authorities have far reaching and powerful collection abilities. Without even filing a lawsuit against you or your business, they can garnish, levy or issue liens. Sometimes the paper mail notices don’t arrive and one may find themselves without access to their funds at a moment’s notice. If the tax issue is serious enough, they can even refer the case for criminal consideration. And they can even revoke one’s passport because of tax liabilities.

The good news is that by getting tax debt relief one can have much greater peace of mind and ensure that one is paying the lowest legal amount.


The federal tax code has over 1 million words. Just as comparison, the King James Bible has 788,280 words; War and Peace runs 560,000 words; and the Harry Potter series is just over 1 million words. This is an incredible amount of information to assimilate and make correct decisions.

It is so complicated that if one calls the IRS and gets “advice”, if it is wrong, one cannot use this as defense against paying the taxes due because of the mistake. And, each time one submits a signed document to the IRS, one is doing so under penalty of perjury, so if one makes a mistake, it could come back to haunt them.

Eric P, CEO of CuraDebt Tax stated, “We have had clients coming to us who have made their situation much worse and we’ve had to unravel things to solve them for the client. We do so happily because our mission is to help clients, but it would be easier and they would have saved a lot of time and stress to have come to us first.”


Just like doctors who get great results and others who don’t, there are tax companies that consistently help clients. And there are those that don’t do anything or make matters worse.


With so many tax relief companies out there, how do you choose the best one?

The good news is that we’ve identified a series of criteria and what we feel is the #1 tax relief company based on this criteria.


These are our guidelines to choose the most highly rated tax debt relief firm:

  1. A thorough investigation is performed before solutions are given. Some companies will promise an Offer In Compromise (OIC) or another great resolution and quote fees for it up front without knowing all the details of the situation or if one would really qualify. Other companies are happy to start billing on an hourly basis without a full plan of action of what the issues are and what needs to be done to solve. Many times, these make matters worse. Just like plans are drawn before building a house, one needs to know all the details of all years of tax issues before a plan is made to solve them.
  2. Performs the most complete investigation before quoting prices of resolution. Some companies try to do a very quick investigation which, if you read the complaints on the firms, results in many upset clients. The investigation needs to be the most thorough possible so that you know that the solution determined is the absolute best for your situation.
  3. Investigation needs to have these 10 points. The goal of tax relief services is to resolve the solution once and for all. To do this, the most thorough evaluation of the situation needs to include these 10 aspects: 1) Taxes due per year, 2) IRS reason for each, 3) Interest and penalties per year, 4) When statute of limitations expires for each, 5) Substitute filed returns per year, 6) Collection activity, levies, liens, garnishments in place and pending, 7) Revenue officer assigned or to be, 8) Financials as per IRS/State allowable expenses, 9) Requirements to be tax compliant, 10) The various resolution options based on 1-9, pros and cons of each and a final recommended one.
  4. Handhold doing financials. It’s complicated to do one’s financial statement and many companies send a form and rely on the client to do it by themselves. The issue with this is that, if the financials are off, the recommended resolution likely will be too and this could exacerbate the tax issue. The company needs to have a process where a case manager gets on the phone and helps you each step of the way to make sure the financials have all income as well as all of the expenses.
  5. Company focused on client satisfaction, not on being the biggest. Tax work isn’t like making a widget, each case is unique. That means that a company boasting about how many billions they have resolved may be focused on volume instead of client satisfaction. You don’t want to be just a number. And, in checking the reviews on the BBB from many of these companies, there are many complaints. Choose a company that has the fewest complaints and ensure that 100% are resolved.
  6. Guarantee in writing. Ensure that you choose a firm that has a written money back guarantee you can understand.
  7. 22+ years helping clients nationwide. It’s unfortunate that CPA firms, law firms, and tax firms start, bill clients and then close, leaving their clients in a lurch. Fina company that has been in business long term as they are most likely to be here to finish your case and give you the peace of mind you deserve.
  8. #1 Rated By Top Consumer Reviews For Tax Relief. Top Consumer Reviews is a 3rd party rating website.
  9. 1,000+ Five Out Of Five Star Reviews. A stellar reputation is very important. Also make sure to check complaints. The company should have < 10-15 per year and 100% be resolved.
  10. Bonded & licensed in various states. This gives you added peace of mind the company is in compliance and putting your peace of mind and results first.


This company does a thorough investigation before quoting resolutions for a flat fee. This ensures that the solution you get fits your case and is the best for your unique situation. The company also handles personal and business taxes.

The company has a policy of not trying to guess resolutions on an initial call (that often backfire because they’re wrong), and instead does a complete investigation first.

The firm’s investigation meets all the 10 points in a detailed PDF with 15+ pages. This gives you the peace of mind every angle was taken to ensure the tax issue will be completely solved with the best possible resolution. They’ve even seen situations that a client came in with a tax issue and after correcting some things the tax payer was refunded money!

A case manager will call you and help complete your detailed financials to present them accurately and in the best proper format for the IRS or state to qualify for the best possible resolution(s).

 Instead of being focused on being the biggest, they are focused on taking care of you and solving you case with the best possible results.

You’ll find a written money back guarantee in the client agreement.

The company has been helping individuals and businesses for over 22 years nationwide and has the mission to be there for you till the end of your case and beyond.

The firm has been rated for numerous years as the #1 Tax Debt Relief Company by Top Consumer Reviews.

The company has over 1000 five-star reviews on Customer Lobby (and other independent review sites).

And, finally the company is licensed and bonded in numerous states.


Click here to request a free consultation In review, take charge of your tax issue and go with the company with everything organized to get you the best results, the fastest progress, and to save you the most money legally possible based on your unique situation.

See if you qualify by clicking on the link as soon as possible because the IRS and State can take expanded collection action at any time, often surprisingly faster than most think.


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