10 foolproof ways to get out of debt faster

While dealing with debt can be a painful task, it can be overcome. Below are 10 practical ways to help you achieve a debt-free life faster.

1. Prioritize Paying Off Your Debt

You should be all-in when it comes to achieving your goal of digging yourself out of debt. Make it a top priority. Don’t just pay the minimum, instead pay as much as you can to save money on interest and get out of debt sooner rather than later.

2. Use the Debt Snowball Approach

Sit down and organize your debts and be sure to list them all, from the smallest to the largest amount you owe. Pay all your larger loans with minimum payments and use all of your excess funds to pay down your smallest debt. Once the smallest debt is paid off, deal with the next smallest debt and so on. Your small debts should all disappear one by one, allowing you to free up more cash that you can use to pay off the largest debt you have, until you are completely debt-free.

3. Boost Your Income - Find a Side Gig

To deal with your debt faster, you’ll need to boost your income and use that extra income to pay it off.

What are some great ways to earn extra cash each month? Consider getting a part-time job at a local coffee shop or using a talent or skill to earn more income in your free time. Today, there are plenty of online job sites where you can find temporary or one-time projects that can add to your income. Perhaps you have a neighbor who needs a babysitter or someone to mow their lawn. No matter what the job entails, this additional income will only help accelerate paying off your debt.

4. Create a Strict Budget Plan

Create a budget so you can map out all your expenses and find ways to limit your spending. Once you’ve set up a budget, make sure to stick to it. Fortunately, there are free smartphone apps available to help you track your spending habits so you can stay on budget.

5. Go Shopping with a Grocery List – and Be Sure to Stick with It

Preparing a grocery list before going shopping helps you avoid impulsive buying and creates good planning habits you can use in other areas of your finances.

6. Live a Frugal Life

If you want to get out of debt faster, you will need to make some sacrifices. Cut down on your expensive habits and learn how to say no to unnecessary purchases.

7. Use Your Tax Refund and Extra Cash to Pay off Your Debt

Instead of splurging or using your tax refund for a grand vacation, use it to pay off your debt. Commit to using whatever extra income you have towards paying off your credit cards and loans.

8. Consider Selling Everything You Don’t Need

Check out your closet and look around your home. Sell whatever belongings or items you have that you no longer use when you need to make some quick cash.

9. Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help

The debt trap can be overwhelming and embarrassing. If you feel like there is no way out, seek help from certified credit counseling experts. They can give you sound advice regarding your financial struggles and help you find the right debt-relief solutions for you.

10. Focus is Key!

Paying off debt can take time and a lot of effort – and there may be challenges along the way. The key is maintaining your focus and optimism. If you truly commit to becoming debt-free, you will be able to regain your financial freedom.

Coping with debt can be tough and can add unnecessary stress to your life. Since debt will certainly not go away on its own, it is important to tackle the problem as soon as possible. 

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